10 Best Co-op games for Xbox One in 2020 (Splitscreen, Local & Multiplayer)

Today, online competitive games dominate modern gaming but the enjoyment you get while playing coop games with your friends cannot be replaced.

The feeling one gets while gunning down bosses, surviving hordes of zombies or finishing a mission in absolute stealth with your buddy.

Whether it gives you the bragging rights after claiming the MVP or just having fun with your buddy on a split screen.

Here are 10 Best Coop games for Xbox One (in no particular ranking) for you and your friends to enjoy.

#1. A way out : Best Overall

Best Co-Op Games For Xbox One

A way out mixes the narrative with gameplay such that it’s hard to keep your eyes away from the screen. The game requires two to play in a completely immersive split-screen co-op.

You play as one of the two protagonists Vincent or Leo as you find your way out of prison together in a seemingly reluctant alliance. With time, the story develops and you figure out the character motivation as you decide on the choices given to you for the two leads. The game requires real coordination between the two players and puts in an equally strong story to back it with. A mixture of stealth, action and exploration the gameplay is a fresh take on split-screen titles.

You can have a split screen offline experience or play online with a buddy far away. What’s more: If you get the game, your friend gets the online co-op trial free so that you can play together.

Genre: 3rd Person Co-op adventure

Developer: Hazelight studios

Publisher: EA

Online Co-op: Yes (2 players)

Offline Co-op: Yes (2 players)

Split Screen: Yes

2. Cuphead

Notorious for its difficulty, Cuphead is already popular for being this “Nintendo Hard” Run and Gun game. Although you can play this game on your own, you will definitely need help finishing this game.

You play as cup head fighting devilish bosses in order to get your soul back from the devil. Although the game has extremely difficult levels, gamers would eventually find repetitive play rewarding as the upgrade system allows you to pick powers, mix and match with your teammate to fight these seemingly impossible bosses.

Cuphead mixes delightful hand drawn comic graphics and retro band music to give this indie game a nostalgic feel to it. Cuphead is the perfect couch co-op game for people who love challenges.

Genre: Indie Shoot em up

Developer: Studio MDHR

Publisher: Studio MDHR

Online Co-op: No

Offline Co-op: Yes (2 players)

Split Screen: No, Shared Screen

#3. Gears of War 4 : Best Splitscreen Option

Gears of war 4 makes you dive into a futuristic battleground with matching futuristic weapons to decimate enemies left and right. Its breathtaking visuals and exciting combat this game covers up for the not so amazing plot the game provides.

This game lets you team up with a friend to travel to strange planets to fight off alien beings to help save humanity from a new known threat it faces. With an arsenal of guns provided to finish off enemies in creative ways, this game never gets boring.

This action packed 3rd person shooter provides a split screen, a LAN or an online option for you to pick from to play with your friends.

Genre: Third-person shooter

Developer: The Coalition

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Online Co-op: Yes (5 players)

Offline Co-op: Yes (2 players)

Split Screen: Yes

#4. Borderlands: The Handsome collection

Borderlands: The handsome collection gives you two games in one. Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: the pre-sequel. Cartoonish graphics and a fun storyline makes this game stand out from the rest.

The handsome collection involves a major role of Handsome Jack, you’d be helping him in one and defeating him in the other. But that’s a story for some other time. Borderlands makes up the perfect Co-op game as the weapons have classes, enemies have weapon type vulnerabilities and of course you get to pick from four different classes with different skill trees. Combo-ing up with your friends to kill off bosses and hordes in this open world is made fun because of these very game dynamics. Not to forget the main story is aided with a bunch of side missions so you never get bored of the game.

The best part about this Xbox Co-op is you can have a four player split screen for all your friends to hop on one couch and kill enemies with hundreds of available weapons.

Genre: First person shooter, Action RPG

Developer: Gearbox Software

Publisher: 2K Games

Online Co-op: Yes (4 players)

Offline Co-op: Yes (4 players)

Split Screen: Yes

#5. Far Cry 5

Far Cry is best known for its immersive story, creative plot and a huge-huge interactive environment. This open world game is fun on its own in a single player campaign mode, but when you play with your friend. The creativity to complete a mission is endless.

You find yourself stuck in the forests of Montana trying to figure out a mystery behind a strange (and violent) cult. With a huge map, 43 missions and a bunch of animals trying to kill you, you won’t find yourself asking what to do next. Why this makes a brilliant Co-op? The answer lies in the gameplay. With experience points you can upgrade your skills, learn new moves and finish enemies or maybe just stealth out the mission. When you are doing this with your friend, you can involve some of the environment pieces and creatively finish off a mission you couldn’t in the general way.

Genre: First person shooter

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

Online Co-op: Yes (2 players)

Offline Co-op: No

Split Screen: No

#6. Halo: The master chief collection (Best for Multiplayer )

Halo the master chief collection brings in the nostalgic Halo combat evolved, Halo 2 along with Halo 3 and 4 to Xbox, but this time with split screen multiplayer. Though the game had problems initially, it is where it was intended to be now. The revamped graphics for the older games now makes the game look better than ever.

You land on a Halo ring as master chief to figure out a deep lying secret the rings hold created by an alien species. The alien environment is all better and the classic FPS feeling can be relieved through the Master chief collection. With a split screen for up to two players, you can hop into any mission with your friend assisting you through the game. What’s better? You can switch from any mission in Halo Combat Evolved to Halo 4 anytime with your buddy. Sign me up!

Genre: First-person shooter

Developer: 343 industries, Splash damage, Ruffian games

Publisher: Xbox Game studios

Online Co-op: Yes (4 players)

Offline Co-op: Yes (2 players)

Split Screen: Yes

#7. Diablo 3: Eternal collection

Diablo III is the classic dungeon crawler RPG that fantasy fans rejoice. For fantasy games fans, Diablo III is the perfect companion for an evening of couch co-op with friends.

With a set of classes with different skills and abilities, you and your friends are tasked with defeating the antagonist of the game: ‘Diablo’. The UI and looting system have been well thought to fairly distribute between all the players. Diablo lets you play endlessly with your character specific skills in aiding your teammates to get to the final goal: striking down Diablo.

Genre: Action RPG

Developer: Blizzard entertainment

Publisher: Blizzard entertainment

Online Co-op: Yes (4 players)

Offline Co-op: Yes (4 players)

Split Screen: No, Shared screen

#8. Dying Light

Dying light mixes the free running element with the things we dread the most: Zombies. The game environment includes a lot of ledges, ramps and obstacles to leap over or slide under.

Set in Harran, you are stuck as a secret agent trying to find out the intention of a local don Raiz who controls the area in a post-apocalyptic zombie ridden world. The story itself grasps your attention in the first hour and the gameplay takes over in the second. Filled with upgradable skills and multiple zombie types and hordes, this zombie runner is more fun when you are kicking down zombies and running from them with your friends. With craftable weapons and a weapon management melee system, the game concentrates more on survival as compared to gun them down zombie games.

Ideal for multiplayer, the game is amazingly interesting when played with friends to complete basic sounding but difficult quests in this open world game.

Genre: Survival horror, Action adventure

Developer: Techland

Publisher: Warner Bros

Online Co-op: Yes (4 players)

Offline Co-op: Yes (4 players)

Split Screen: No

#9. Warhammer: Vermintide 2

When Vermintide first rolled out, players oogled over the number of enemy factions and the perfectly synced up co-op play. But then Fatshark upped the game with Vermintide II. They added more skills, levels and enemy factions to gamers’ pleasure. The biggest take away here is the improved variety. Of course fighting loads of enemies tops the list, but different kind of them? Bring them on.

From a total of five characters to choose from, this melee hack and slash game is fun for hours to play. And maybe even for re-runs.

Genre: Action

Developer: Fatshark

Publisher: Fatshark

Online Co-op: Yes (4 players)

Offline Co-op: No

Split Screen: No

#10. Left 4 Dead 2

This list would really be incomplete without a horde survival game in it. Left 4 dead series is famous for its insane number of zombies and the emphasis on teamwork to get through them.

This game had to make the list because Left 4 dead 2 is synonymous with that old classic Co-op game you boot up when you have three of your friends online. And rightly so, this intense co-op zombie horde survival would never go out of fashion. An upgrade to L4D, L4D2 includes new melee weapons and more zombie classes to run the hell away from.

Genre: First person shooter, Survival horro

Developer: Valve

Publisher: Valve

Online Co-op: Yes (4 players)

Offline Co-op: No

Split Screen: No

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