10 Best Xbox One Emulator for PC in 2020

Ever wondered what it would feel to play Xbox games on PC?

If you are on the way to decide which Xbox emulator would fit your needs the best, go no further.

This is the best guide to help you find out your best Xbox one emulator match.

We have created this list of 10 user-friendly and smooth Xbox one emulators for your Windows PC.

How does an emulator works ?

Before getting to the guide, let us discuss how an emulator works. An emulator creates a software environment where the system is made to believe it is an Xbox. Thus, recreating Xbox features in a PC.

Note: Even though emulators provide you with the console experience free of cost, in the hardware configuration of the PC which can get you a full HD experience, there are shorthands to it like choppy gameplay as frames might drop while gaming and heating issues.

Best Xbox One Emulator for PC in 2020

Currently, there are way too many options to choose from, and this guide is going to narrow it down to 10 for you:

#1. CXBX Emulator

Best Xbox One Emulator

Arguably, CXBX is not an emulator as it does not create an Xbox environment but rather converts Xbox executable files to windows executable files.

Because of this very reason, the chance of having a laggy gameplay is reduced.


  • Easy to use with fairly direct installation
  • Capable of running Xbox Pixel shaders
  • Imitates Xbox SDK and is capable of copying all the Xbox SDK tests


  • Very limited library of games
  • Requires heavy hardware assets and thus needs a well built PC

#2. Xeon Emulator

Although Xeon has no more patches or updates coming for a while now, the legacy emulator is still functional and is one of the smoothest, steady and glitch free emulator out there.

Boasting a huge user-base, Xeon is clearly one of the best emulators out there.


  • Works for both platforms Windows as well as DoS
  • Has included xISO programs and Xbox backup creator wizard to save your in game progress
  • Instruction guide: User friendly guide to make the emulator easier to access


  • Only works on the NTSC versions of games

#3. DXBX emulator

DXBX overcomes the shortcomings of CXBX emulator as both of these practically are drawn from the same source codes.

Similar functioning to that of CXBX, DXBX too converts games to windows executable files. Although originally designed for Xbox 360, it also smoothly runs Xbox one games so the emulator is definitely worth a try.


  • Preloaded with Direct 3D to play out designs related work
  • DXBX is equipped with adaptable image identification framework


  • Designed only for 32 bit Windows

#4. Xenia emulator

Xenia stands to be one of those constantly refreshed emulators which can run a huge number of games. Developers constantly update Xenia to keep it user friendly and add libraries to make the game smooth and glitch free.

Xenia also was an Xbox 360 emulator but is capable of running over 50 Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles.


  • Massive game library to pick from
  • Smooth updates


  • Frame drops due to the emulator environment

#5. Hackinations Emulator

Hackinations lets you play premium titles like gears of war 4, Forza Horizon 3 on its platform. The emulator provides amazing graphics packed neatly in the software.


  • Allows USB controller support to have a realistic Xbox experience
  • Supports various ROM and Disc files


  • Requires a very high performance PC to run the games smoothly

#7. EX360E Emulator

This Xbox Emulator converts Xbox executable files to windows executable like DXBX and CXBX emulator. Initially designed for Xbox 360, this also performs great on Xbox One games


  • Windows executable files make the game really smooth and glitch free


  • Works only on 64 bit Windows OS
  • Slightly disorienting Graphics user interface

#8. Box Emulator

Box emulator is one of the most used emulators of all time. It supports hundreds of games in the Xbox 360 ad well as Xbox One category. It only gets better as Box emulator provides brilliant graphic support for users.


  • Huge compatibility: Plays a lot of games
  • It has integrated Graphic user interface
  • Amazing graphics to go along with


  • Does not support Pirated or Xbox Live games

#9. VR Box 360 Emulator

VR XBox 360 is almost bug free emulator that supports all Windows versions.

VR XBox 360 is relatively new to the emulator market but has been performing exceedingly well. The main package comes on easily and you have to download a few add ons to start your gaming experience.


  • Great compatibility with multiple Windows version
  • Free of cost


  • Forces Users to give reviews on social media in exchange for the add ons required

#10. XQEMU Emulator

XQEMU is an incredible user friendly emulator that is very popular amongst gamers. Built on the QEMU project the project was designed to run Xbox as well as Sega Chihiro on the emulator.


  • Great user interface for gamers to access their games and boot them up easily


  • Limited support for games. Very few titles are playable.
  • Audio doesn’t work
  • Graphics are slow and buggy

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