what is internet of things?

Beginners Guide to The Internet of Things | [Infographic]

Want to know What is the Internet of things?

Check out our infographic on What is  IoT and It’s different applications.

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Application of IoT in Our Real Life

  1. Smart Home: How amazing would it be if your house “knew” when you wake up and once the alarm is dismissed, automatically switches on the coffee maker for a hot cup of coffee waiting for you once you are ready? You can most certainly achieve this and a lot more with the help of IoT.
  2. Cars: With the capability of most cars to be able to be connected to the internet, it creates a huge platform for ideas. All those driving long distances can stay in contact through the calling feature in the cars. We can control other devices by sitting in the car itself! There are many more cool features.
  3. In Agriculture: Food supply is a matter of concern now. A lot of farmers are expected to grow more than they were before with the same resources. They are inclining towards new technologies to get better harvests. With the help of IoT, the farmers can be more informed to make a decision in choosing fertilizers, feeding cattle etc giving us the result we require.
  4. IoT in Healthcare: With many upcoming technologies, there is an increase in concern for health. With smart health devices, we can be up to date with doctor visits, have our BP checked and immediately advised. IoT thus is proving to be an asset in the health sector.
  5. Retail Industry: With IoT, it becomes possible to create self-retail stores where you can select items, scan them yourself and then the bill is automatically generated thus saving your time at the billing counters. This concept is possible mainly due to barcode scanners being able to connect to the Internet(i.e. IoT)!
  6. Energy Preservation: Energy conservation is a necessity in these dreaded times. With many sources of energy-depleting by the years go by, IoT can be useful in preserving energy. In a very small scale, an example like automatically having the geyser switched on after you wake up, saving lots of electricity shows how beneficial IoT can be in preserving energy on a large scale also.

Benefits of IoT

  1. Smart Cities: IoT technology is currently being employed in making cities “smart”. It helps in reducing waste, in smart surveillance and many more useful aspects.
  2. Efficiency: With the help of IoT, we can increase the efficiency and performance of devices connected.
  3. Easy Data Access: With the devices connected through each other, it creates a easier access to data through the internet from any place.
  4. Cost Saving: We can utilize resources in a controlled and optimal manner and thus giving us an excellent long-term investment.
  5. Automation: With Internet Of Things, we can automate almost all of our daily life routine. This can be a huge advantage to those who love spicing up their boring day to day routine.

Future Predictions of IoT

Internet of Things has seen a great rise in past years. It has seen an increased craze in the recent years. We have many countries like US, Europe trying to adopt technologies like the Internet of Things to broaden the development of their nations. The question, however, remains what we can expect from IoT in the coming years. Firstly when we retrospect the development in IoT, we can come to an informed stance.

IoT is predicted to majorly contribute in the coming era for building “smart” homes and in health care and many more sectors.

KRC Research organization conducted a survey to find out the distribution of smart devices. The table given below shows the result of that survey. Smart appliances were majorly boosted by IoT. The progress in these years for IoT has been impressive.

Source: KRC report

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions to clarify all your possible doubts.

Q1). What is the current status of security in IoT products?

Ans: It is well acknowledged that your data is not so secured once you use IoT devices. There is definitely room for more development in IoT to reduce risks of data thefts and fraudulence. Some products are however being researched on currently to reduce such security breaches.

Q2). How do home assistants like Alexa work?

Ans: Alexa and google assistant use voice recognition and recognize instructions. They implement those instructions (like toggling light switches etc) using IoT.

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