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9 Best Torrent Sites For 2020

Torrent downloads can be fun, right?

You’re sure to find many torrent websites at your disposal by just “googling” but this won’t easily land you on the best torrent sites.

There are also factors to consider when using a torrent site, from ensuring you’re not violating copyright laws to malware exposure.

This list gives full details on the top torrent sites available in 2019 that offer the best database depending on specific content categories to make the life of torrent downloads simpler for you.

We’re providing the following information to help give you the right assessment of the state of these sites:

  • Age of site: The older a site, the more trustworthy it is. For example, a torrent site that has been able to last more than 5 years with resilience to law enforcement agencies can be considered reliable.
  • Banned regions: Information on banned countries are included.
  • Content category (niche): Some torrent sites offer only a single niche, like books, while others cover a wider range.
  • Download speed: The average download speed of the sites are stated.
  • Instant downloads: If a torrent site supports instant downloads, it’d be stated.
  • Mirrors: If a torrent site has been blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), there are mirror sites/alternative URLs provided to give you access.
  • Repository: We also indicated the number of torrents available on each site at the time this list was compiled.

The Pirate Bay: Best Torrent Website For Music, Movies & Games

Best Torrent Sites

It was established in 2003 and the most popular in the world. It has had a long rocky history with law enforcement agencies but still the favourites of torrents hunting users. It’s beginner-friendly as the simple interface allows for easy navigation and has trusted user tags that’d help you know which torrents are safe and legitimate for downloads.

  • Age of site: 16 years (2003)
  • Banned regions: Over 20 countries including Australia, USA, UK, France and Germany. 
  • Content category (niche): Movies, Music, Software, Apps, Books, Games, Series.
  • Download speed (average): 3.2MB/s
  • Instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors:,,
  • Repository: 4 million+

1337X: Best for Obscure Files

It was established in 2007 and one of the most reliable torrent sites. It’s simple, conventional interface is quite easy to use even for beginners.

  • Age of site: 12 years (2007)
  • Banned regions: Australia, Austria, UK and Ireland.
  • Content category (niche): Movies, Music, Games, Software.
  • Download speed (average): 1.9MB/s.
  • Instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors:, 1337x.unblocked,
  • Repository: 2.5 million+

Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads

It has been existing since 2007 and has survived all efforts by law enforcement agencies to have it shut down. It’s quite easy to navigate and has a well-organized library. However, it’s prone to a lot of ads even if you enabled ad-blocker (enabling your ad-blocker would still help to cut down on the ads).

  • Age of site: 12 years (2007).
  • Banned regions: UK.
  • Content category (niche): Books, Games, Movies, Music, Software, TV Shows.
  • Download speed (average): 2.7 MB/s.
  • Instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors: torrentdownloads.unblockall, torrentdownloads.unblocker.
  • Repository: 16 million+

RARBG: Best For movie Enthusiasts

It has been around since 2008 and started out as a Bulgarian tracker. It has an excellent reputation for its ease of use and various resolutions of quality torrents. It’s the favourite of movie buffs who are interested in an unending content run of the latest movie flicks.

  • Age of site: 11 years (2008)
  • Banned regions: Several countries including UK, Ireland, Italy, Finland and Australia.
  • Content category (niche): Movies, Series, Music, Games, Software.
  • Download speed (average): 2.3 MB/s.
  • Instant downloads: No
  • Mirrors:,,
  • Repository: 0.9 million+



It was established in 2009 and could be a decent alternative when your favourite torrent site is down or if you’re looking for new releases. It has a great, well organized and simple user interface. It’s one of the torrent sites out there with enormous databases.

  • Age of site: 10 years (2009).
  • Banned regions: Australia, France and UK.
  • Content category (niche): Apps, Anime, Movies, TV Series, Music, Games.
  • Download speed (average): 2.5 MB/s.
  • Instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors:,, limetorrents.unblockall.
  • Repository: 10million+

Torlock: Best For Verified Torrents


It was established in 2010 and is quite similar to 1337x because of the functionality and appearance of its user interface. It has a monitoring system embedded that ensures that only reliable torrents are available and even offers to pay users a token of $1 if they’re able to find fake torrents on its site. This makes this site stand out in reliability.

  • Age of site: 9 years (2010).
  • Banned regions: Australia, India and UK.
  • Content category (niche): Movies, e-Books, Anime.
  • Download speed (average): 3.5 MB/s.
  • Instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors: t0rlock1.unblocked, freeanimesonline,
  • Repository: 4.5 million+



It was established in 2013 and can be known as the “Google” for movie torrents. It has a beautiful, simple UI design for an excellent user experience and can easily become a favourite for newcomers.

  • Age of site: 6 years (2013).
  • Banned regions: None.
  • Content category (niche): Apps, Books, TV Shows, Movies, Music, Games.
  • Download speed: 3.4 MB/s.
  • Instant downloads: Yes.
  • Mirrors: zooqle.unblocked, zooqle.bypassed.
  • Repository: 3.3 million+



It came into existence in 2016 after Torrentz was shut down but hasn’t been officially declared as its’ resurrection. It gives access to a large library of torrents and apart from the variety of torrents, they’ve an impressive music library.

  • Age of site: 3 years (2016).
  • Banned regions: None.
  • Content category (niche): Apps, Movies, Music, Games, TV Shows.
  • Download speed (average): 2.0 MB/s.
  • Instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors:,,
  • Repository: 61 million+



It sprang to life in 2016 and has direct magnet links to torrents. It features a clean, easy-to-understand user interface and has a mobile version to make torrent downloads on smartphones easy.

  • Age of site: 3 years (2016).
  • Banned regions: None.
  • Content category (niche): Movies, Music, TV Shows, Games.
  • Download speed (average): 3.7 MB/s.
  • Instant downloads: No.
  • Mirrors:,,
  • Repository: 19 million+

Security Recommendation

Whether or not any of these torrents are blocked in your region, it’s advisable to make use of VPNS for safe anonymous downloads and to by-pass blocks.

Bear in mind that despite our support of freedom of access, we strongly discourage illegal downloads of copyrighted materials.

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