Best AM3+ CPU Reviews in 2020

If you are here, there is a pretty good chance that you are looking to buy an AM3+ CPU.

Gaming CPUs don’t come cheap.

Luckily, tech hardware brands such as AMD have taken the liberty to produce a range of AM3+ CPUs that are becoming quite popular in the market.

These CPUs use the AM3+ Socket, an upgrade of the AM3 found on most motherboards. AMD has brought a lot of hope for gaming experts and techies in search of ways to upgrade their computers under budget.

To make things easier for you. We have reviewed 7 best AM3+ CPU devices that are worth your money.

Our Top PickAMD Octa-core FX-9590

The overclock ready AMD Octa-core FX-9590 is our top pick AMD AM3+ processor. When this processor was released 2013, it was going for $1000, 5 years later, it’s now more affordable but the best thing is that its performance is still impressive. The 8-core CPU has a 4.7GHz to 5GHz stock clock speed and is only compatible with AM3+ motherboards that support 220W processors.

BEST AM3+ CPUs for Gaming in 2019

1. AMD FX-9590 Black Edition 8 Socket AM3+


The AMD Octa-core FX-9590 AM3+ Socket is an edition product in AMD’s 8-core processors’ group. With a 5.0GHz max turbo speed and a base overclock of 4.7 GHz, this CPU Socket is a winner with its remarkable frequency for advancing your levels of gaming and multimedia performance.

The AMD Octa-Core design is compatible with AM3+ Motherboards that support 220W TDP. Additionally, it comes equipped with a dependable cooling liquid just in case the heat exceeds the capabilities of the thermal paste already installed. However, to be on the safe side, the company offers the option of using this socket together with a motherboard having a fan delivering 35CFM airflow capacity.

Other than the technical specifications, the AMD Octa-core FX-9590 AM3+ CPU socket is among the top devices to give total control. Its unlocked clock multiplier allows users to exploit the overclocking potential of their computers to the maximum. The model overdrive further enables configuration on its settings to improve the power draw and performance.


If you are a professional PC builder or looking to improve, the AMD Octa-core FX-9590 AM3+ CPU socket offers the actual impeccable performance.  However, you need to have the necessary hardware and the proper budget since it doesn’t come cheap. Still, this beast of a device gets the most out of your computer even when not in overclocking mode. We regard it as the leading noteworthy design in the AM3+ socket specifications.


  • Offers USB 3.1 support
  • Powerful piledrive architecture- 8 CPU cores
  • Compatible with premium motherboards
  • Presence of AMD’s Core 3.0 technology for overclocking


  • The motherboards need to handle the 220W TDP capacity

2. FX-8370 Black Edition 8 Core CPU Process

 AMD FX-8370

The AMD FX-8370 Black Edition 8 Core CPU Processor AM3+ CPU socket is another FX-Series model almost similar to the FX-9590. However, it’s quite different since its design produces less heat, eliminating chances of destroying your motherboard. Its processors have a low TDP at 125W, and this makes it quite the contender in our review list.

Additionally, the AMD FX-8370 Black Edition 8 Core CPU Processor AM3+ CPU socket also features AMD’s Wraith Cooler technology. The cooling aspect consists of a fan, heatsink and thermal interface to enable advanced cooling of the device.

On the matter of control, this AMD model also comes equipped with an unlocked clock multiplier using the brand’s Overdrive software. It’s base clock tops at 4.0 GHz, but it’s still capable of stretching its performance up to 4.3GHz.

Lastly, the design with the AMD-FX8370 is compatible with 900-Series Chipset Motherboards having an AM3+ socket.


The AMD-FX8370 AM3+ Socket is an excellent addition for budget building a superb processor for general use. It is powerful enough, and with a better Cache capacity than most models, we will get to review.  Customer reviews showcase the position of the AMD-FX8370 to deliver on what it’s expected to do, and we also rate it accordingly.


  • Low chances of heating- only 125 Watts
  • Turbo speeds of up to 4.3GHz
  • Comes with cooling features, e.g. stock fan
  • Excellent overclocking technology


  • Struggles with demanding gaming PCs

3. FX-8320E FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition Processor

AMD FX-8320E FX-Series 8

The AMD FX-8320E CPU processor makes its debut as the third device that we found of good value during application. Much of its functionality and execution resources are outright simple and clear. Like most of AMD’s CPUs, it has 8 Cores and eight threads to provide adequate performance for multitasking, and rendering graphics for gaming.

Additionally, the base clock speed of 3.2 GHz makes it an ideal option for next-generation games. However, with the proper cooling cooler, users can get an overdrive clock speed of 4GHz.

The chip further features dual-channel DDR3 memory controllers with 8MB L2 and L3 cache. The theory with these features is to make the AMD FX-8320E more efficient in offering top-notch CPU performance.


The AMD FX-8320E CPU is one of the cheapest eight-threaded chips around. It is honestly a pleasant entry considering the price of under $100 you get to buy this high performing processor. You can expect your PC to score highly with this multi-core AM3+ device and majority of other CPUs in its range. Budding PC builders can save cash by investing in this cheap yet powerful CPU.


  • Cheap compared to other powerful FX-Series models
  • Low power wattage- 95W
  • Presence of multi-threading
  • Tweakable clocking speed


  • Lack of effective cooling capabilities

4. FX-8320 8-Core Black Edition Processor

AMD FX-8320 8-Core

The AMD FX-8320 is another second-generation FX-Series model under the AMD brand. Similarly to its counterparts, it also has eight processor cores with a base frequency of 3.5 GHz. Users can further tweak these processors to reach turbo speeds of 4.0GHz maximum.

And since it has eight core processors, it goes without saying it also has a highly advanced cache system. It is built with the 8MB worth of L2 and L3 cache in its order, one of the market prominent models.

A look at the control features with this unit also reveals that the AM3+ CPU bears an unlocked clock multiplier. The feature is found in all AMD FX processors and allows users to configure their chip power and performance curve easily.


Any PC enthusiast planning media editing, or having gaming purposes can expect the AMD FX-8320 AM3+ Socket to give excellent results. The perks of eight cores, AMD’s OverDrive software, and low power consumption make it a favourite chip for computer gaming and media applications.


  • High-performance multitasking
  • Supports up to DDR3 SDRAM
  • Manageable power requirements- 125 watts
  • Significant in-game experience


  • Lower clock frequencies than other models
  • Not excellent at handling single-threaded tasks

5. FX-8350 8-Core Black Edition Processor

AMD FX-8350 8-Core

The FX-8350 is another product from AMD AM3+ CPU processors.

This FX-Series chip is manufactured targeting the budget PC gamers and builders looking for the same performance as high-end AM3+ CPU devices.

The AMD FX-8350 Model has one of the most power 8-core processors among the FX products and probably the industry. And with the eight-core system comes a base clock of 4GHz, another capability that makes it a quality overclocking contender. Best of all, the model is much faster than most previous CPUs since it can practically clock 4.2GHz while in turbo mode.

Additionally, it also supports memory type of DDR3 SDRAM kinds, making it ideal for gamers in search of tad performance. The unlocked multiplier is another feature that allows users of the AMD FX-8350 chip to squeeze more from their processor without damaging their desktop.


The AMD FX-8350 AM3+ CPU processor is the market most reasonably priced high-performance device we have come across. The considerable performance and improvements make the AMD FX-8350 a popular choice for those working with multicore-optimized software. The fact that it is compatible with the older version of AMD motherboards and sockets also sums up why this AMD FX-8350 unit is attractive in the desktop CPU market right now.


  • Comes with a stock fan
  • Offers maximum performance for mega tasks and intensive applications
  • Presence of AMD Virtualization technology
  • Die shrink present reduces power leakage
  • Unmatched piledrive and Bulldozer architecture


  • The stock fan can be loud

6. AMD FX-6300 6-Core Processor Black Edition

AMD FX-6300 6-Core

A review of the unit reveals that it is a six-core processor offering users a base clock speed of 3.5GHz. However, this can reach 4.1 GHz if the proper AMD cooling capabilities are in place.

As for the memory, this unit works on x 86-64 architecture with its 64-bit processors accommodating 6MB and 8MB in the L2 and L3 cache locations, respectively. The memory section further supports DDR3-1866 memory types together with Dual Channel support.

Closing off, the AMD FX-6300 AM3+ CPU processor among the least power consuming units we have had to review. At only 95watts for its TDP, there is little to worry about the power efficiency or heating up of the CPU processor.


The price and standard AMD chipset features are perhaps the sole reasons why we would purchase the AMD FX-6300. The only limitation that we found with this processor is that it fails to live up to expectation in demanding scenarios. Perhaps the six-core system is not powerful enough to bring the extraordinary performance of the 8-core devices. It may be cheap, but you have to consider the limitations present with The AMD FX-6300, especially if you are looking to game or work on considerable audio or video editing.


  • Presence of AMD OverDrive software
  • Powerful overclocking capabilities with the unlocked clock multiplier
  • Available for cheap
  • Supports a wide variety of motherboards


  • Needs a dedicated graphics card
  • Only six cores present

7. AMD FX 4-Core Black Edition FX-4300 AM3+ CPU Processor

 AMD FX 4-Core Black Edition FX-4300

A lead factor than denotes the FX-4300 has to be its processing speed of 3.8GHz. By comparison, it is on the low-end of the market’s devices processing rate. However, this is only the base speed since proper cooling allows the AMD FX-4300 processor to hit overclocking speeds of 4.0GHz.

Another feature with the AMD FX-4300 design is that it is a multi-core chip. To be precise it is a quad-core, meaning the CPU contains four processors on the integrated circuits. The presence of this quad-core feature gives the CPU extra processing power than those working with single-core or dual-core units.

On concerns of power, the AMD FX-4300 is much more energy efficient compared to a significant number of FX-Series chips. With a power consumption rate of 95W is remains a subtle processor that does not consume a lot of power.


  • Works with DDR4 SDRAM
  • Fast speeds- can reach 5.0GHz with aggressive cooling solutions
  • Low power consumption-95W Capacity
  • Reasonably priced


  • Only four cores and four threads for operations


All we have to say on the AMD FX-4300 AM3+ CPU chipset is that it goes beyond our expectation. The unit has plenty of excellent features that allow it to compete with plenty of other expensive and sophisticated model in our list. Customers also get to upgrade their machines for better performance and at a reasonable cost. However, the fact that it relies on a 4-core system means it may fail to deliver for the casual gamer handling different online games.


From our assessment, these AMD AM3+ CPU processors make up the best models from AMD. We are also confident that plenty of units in our review post can make a perfect match for your budget gaming rig or computer upgrade. All the AMD items are capable of providing a smooth gaming experience, video editing or efficient multitasking if they are backed up by a good GPU. Hopefully, our article has been able to give a comprehensive overview of the best including affordable CPU processors from AMD’s product catalogue.

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