Best Console Gaming Chairs of 2020

Console gaming can be ruthless and demanding.

Console Gaming chairs vary in structure, price, outlook and even performance.

Gaming chair manufacturers make every effort to boost maximum comfort. This is why console chairs are highly equipped with speakers, speaker ports and volume features.

So, we did a bit of research and put together the best options that could improve your gaming experience. In this article, we list the best console gaming chairs for you.

Best Console Gaming Chair: Summary

ProductWeightDimensions (Inches)Price
Comfort Bean Bag Chair4.75 Pounds33 x 32 x 25Check price
Merax Chair11.02 Pounds41.3 x 5.9 x 20.5Check price
Cohesion XP 2.115.55 Pounds25.7 x 18.3 x 16.6 Check price
BIRDROCK Padded12.5 Pounds41.2 x 6 x 21.2Check price
Imperial Ergonomic23 Pounds17 x 16 x 29.5Check price
BIRDROCK HOME12.5 Pounds41.2 x 6 x 21.2Check price
Ace Bayou X Rocker44 Pounds22.6 x 30.7 x 37.6Check price
NNEWVANTE Chair9.5 Pounds43.3 x 21.6 x 4.7Check price

Best Console Gaming Chair: Review

Comfort Bean Bag Chair: Best Gaming Chair for PS4

Best Console Gaming Chair

Big Joe’s bags are ridiculously fun to have. Made out of 100% recycle material, the bag serves a bigger purpose than just a chair. It’s cautiously designed with SmartMax Fabric and filled with UltimaX Beans which takes your natural shape when you sit. The beans for refill are sold separately though it takes time before you need to refill.

Big Joe Bean Bag’s fabric is water and stain resistant, it’s tough enough to withstand travel, games, camping and home use. It is easy to clean – you just wipe with a damp cloth. The covers have 2 locking zippers. It also has double stitching. This boosts the bag’s durability and safety.

Comfort bean bag is not like other immovable furniture, you can grab the handle on the side and take the seat with you whenever you want, wherever you want. Go camping or sunbathing at the beach or just hang around watching TV or reading a book on this non-tiring chair. Stash away your book, phone or book on the convenient side pockets and take a nap as your body demands.


  • Quite comfortable – takes your body shape
  • The refill beans are easily accessible


  • Reviewers mentioned it flattens faster than other console chairs

Merax Gaming Chair for Kids

This is an awesome leisure seat for kids and adults as well. The sponge cushion is top-notch and it’s supported by a firm steel frame. It’s easy to adjust can take 5 different positions in varying angles between 90 and 180 degrees. Though it comes in only one color, it’s perfect for the floor and smoothly blends with other furniture. It also takes the natural form of your body so that you enjoy the comfort.

Merax Gaming Chair is highly durable and provides quality comfort to its users. What I like most is it’s being multi-purpose. It can be a gaming seat, a study seat, a work seat, play and rest. It also serves as an extra chair when you have guests.

While laid flat, it measures 47.2 Inches x 24.4 Inches x 5.5 Inches. It has 8 lattices which enable it to easily curve to any angle. This makes it easy to transform into a lounge, a chair, chaise bed or just deco for the house.


  • Provides quality sitting comfort
  • Adjustable to varying sitting angles


  • Quite flimsy and not recommended for adults

Cohesion XP 2.1 : Best Chair for Playing Video Games

It’s made purposely for gaming, that’s why it integrates 2 wired receiver audio speakers. It also has in/out jacks for the headphone and a volume control option. In addition, it has a fully set control panel at the base of the chair. These are easily accessible and they are mainly for controlling the speakers.

I took the liberty to read a few customer reviews and some of them were really alarming so I decided to dig deeper and this is what I found out. This chair is best suited for minors, not adults. It can hardly bear the weight of a grown-up but to a teen, it’s very comfortable.

It’s lightweight, made with breathable microfiber which makes it an ideal gaming seat, especially for hot weather seasons. At only 18.9 Pounds, it ranks high among easily portable chairs. It is foldable into half for storage or travel.


  • Comes with inbuilt audio speakers
  • Gives you access to volume control
  • Folds up to save space


  • Not comfortable for adults – too narrow

BIRDROCK Padded: Best Living Room Gaming chair

BIRDROCK is another kids’ favorite chair, it designed with high-quality foam which takes the natural form of the user’s body. The cover is made of high-tech plush fabric that adds to the chair’s comfort. It has 14 angle positions to choose from and it can curve up to 90 degrees. It can also lay flat for a nap.

It makes a good compliment for days you have visitors. It’s a multipurpose seat that can be used while reading, gaming, napping or working. It measures 21.25 Inches x 41.25 Inches x 6 Inches. At 12.5 pounds, it can be considered lightweight though not in comparison with its peers.


  • Easily adjusted to varying angles
  • Beautiful – easily blends with other furniture


  • Slightly small for adults
  • The chair doesn’t fold away for storage but you can slide it under the bed or couch.

Imperial Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This chair is best suited for teens and petite adults. It features a hardwood frame furnished with microfiber and an easy to clean mesh fabric. It measures 17 Inches x 16 Inches x 29.5 Inches while spreading out but folds into half, measuring 15 Inches when not being utilized.

It’s a smooth and soft ergonomically chair designed for long gaming sessions. The imperial gaming chair is easily portable and serves as a multi-purpose seat. Due to its rocking nature, it makes an ideal chair for leisure reading and watching movies with minimal discomfort or fatigue.

It a fairly durable seat that blends easily with other furniture; you can tuck it away under a couch or bed after use. Although it is designed for luxury use, at 27.3 LBS, It cannot be considered lightweight. 


  • Easy to move and comfortable
  • Folds by half for storage


  • Not suited for adults – reviewers who tried to use this chair especially those over 6’ were highly disappointed


BIRDROCK HOME gaming chair is made with superior chopped memory foam and it conforms easily to your body. It makes an ideal gaming chair due to its versatility. It can be modified to 14 varying positions. You can lay it flat or use it at 90 degrees. The chair rocks smoothly and provides optimum comfort.

It measures 21.25 Inches x 41.25 Inches x 6 Inches in a flat position and 19 Inches x 23 Inches x 22.5 Inches in an upright sitting position. BIRDROCK HOME chair is a multi-purpose chair, it fits well in any room and can be used for reading, watching movies, playing family board games, meditating, and coloring, watching or playing multiple children games.

The seat’s soft plush fabric makes it ideal for taking a nap on a lazy day, once done; you can slide it under a bed or a high couch for storage. At 10.5 Pounds, it is fairly easy to move it from one room to another. It can be used by both minors and adults though it seems a little shorter to support both the back and legs comfortably.


  • Easily adjusted to 14 different points
  • Comfortable to sit or nap on


  • Too small for large and tall people

Ace Bayou X Rocker chair

In this pedestal chair, you have almost everything you need in a gaming chair. It’s made in the USA with a few being imported. It’s a multi-purpose chair used for gaming, listening to music, relaxing and reading. It also incorporates a subwoofer and a 2.1 sound system well positioned to provide you with a heavy base so that your games, music or movie can be intensified giving you an optimal experience. It also has a wireless audio feature.

X rocker is an innovation of Ace casual. With over 10 years’ experience in producing high quality home entertainment, they combine comfort, innovation, and style to offer you the best leisure time. Ace Bayou X Rocker is MP3, CD, and DVD compatible. It also connects to PlayStation, home theater, Gameboy and Xbox. It has a jack for plugging headphones and volume control as per your preference.

The control panel has separate controls for volume and bass, input/output jacks for audio source connection. This enables other chairs to join in the multi-game mode. The chair weighs 44 pounds and measures 22.6” x 30.7” x 37.6”.


  • Sturdy
  • Quite comfortable
  • Suitable for both adults and children


  • It would have been better if the height was adjustable


Pick your incline preference and get comfortable playing video games or reading on the floor. This amazing piece from NNEWVANTE has incredibly soft foam; the cushioning is much thicker and comfortable for everyone. You have 5 tilt angles to choose from and enjoy resting or playing games with the kids.

The chair is multi-purpose, even little children can nap on it. It’s also easily portable thus makes a good companion for camping, meditation, balcony tea times and friends catching up. It’s easily folded for storage so as to save space.

This exquisitely designed chair features a steel frame and sponge cushioning. It measures 43.3” L X 21.65” W X 4.7” H and weighs 9.5 Pounds. It is durable and can withstand heavyweight.


  • Durable and comfortable material
  • Holds strong at 45 degrees – doesn’t fall back
  • Comfortable and Durable material


  • None

Benefits of Console Gaming Chair


We all know that adrenaline rush towards the end of a game and the pacing and racing we endure then comes the last monster and… ouch! You lose. There’s that ‘oh no’ moment that deflates the psyche to play another game.

You slide back from the desk, recline and take a nap. The cushioning is epic and you get to relax and re-energize. That’s when you realize a gaming chair was worth investing in. If you haven’t experienced this then I guess you will never know what kind of comfort until you try.

Amplified Sound 

Most gamers play hours on end with earphones and headsets. Though they work pretty fine, they contribute to ear clogging caused by wax build-up. In addition, that consistent loud volume and vibration contribute to problems of the eardrum. 

Modern gaming chairs have sound systems that offer enhanced speakers; they provide all-round premium sound output and spur the thrill of gaming. Good sound contributes to hyper concentration and overall gaming satisfaction.

Reduced Fatigue and Numbness

Have you ever experienced a tingling sensation while standing after a long duration of sitting?

If you have, take that as a sign. The seat you are using is not gaming friendly. Your body should always have free-flow of blood whether during the game or after. 

A good gaming chair should position you in a way your blood flows freely. No numbness or tingly feeling should be experienced after long hours of play.

Fatigue results from a combination of high concentration, tension, and improper positioning. Gaming chair takes shape of your natural body and absorbs the vibrations and part of that tension so you can enjoy your game all day without feeling fatigued.

Spine protection

Improper sitting position contributes to back pains, neck strain and general weakness of the spine. Casual seats do not have the cushioning or the posture required to protect your spine from the strain. After multiple hours of improper sitting, the tension on your muscles around the spine and pelvis increases. This causes back pains to erupt. 

If this is not taken care of, you could develop lasting back problems that will last for years. I’m sure you don’t want that. Do you? Investing in a gaming seat will ensure you don’t strain your back and you can play on and on without experiencing any pain.


Our body operates in such a way that it demands attention when need be; for example, re-adjusting when you feel uncomfortable. If you skip just one second to readjust, you definitely lose a bit of concentration. That means you could easily keep losing your games. Why don’t you just get a gaming chair and sit comfortably focusing all your attention on the game?

Correcting Posture

You have been probably playing from a gaming den with improper furniture so your posture has already been affected. A good gaming chair will revolutionize your sitting and correct your posture. At first, it will feel uncomfortable but in the end, your back will be better and healthier.

Our Verdict

Although these chairs are famous for gaming, they play more roles than any other chair in your home. You can read, play, nap, watch movies and so much more. The only trick is, get a chair with good cushioning and recline options. 

Our vote for Best Console Gaming Chair goes to NNEWVANTE floor chair. Amazingly, all its current reviewers on Amazon left positive feedback. We are yet to discover any flaws with it. It’s a sturdy chair, the materials are soft and comfortable and it’s easily adjusted to various sitting positions. If you are still deciding, this one will make a brilliant choice, happy shopping!!

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