How to record a video on Mac

How to Record Video on Mac Using QuickTime Player?

Are you looking for Recording a Video on Mac?

You must be a new mac user.

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With our method. It is a cakewalk to record video on Mac OS.

We will tell you the easiest way of recording the video using QuickTime player and Mac Webcam.

The video recorded from this method can be shared, uploaded or edited in whatever way you would like it.

How to Record Movies on Mac?

  1. Firstly, Open quick time player on MAC. You can find it using Spotlight. record video on mac
  2. Now go to file and click on New movie recording.
  3. Once you do it. Quick time player will activate the webcam for recording.
  4. You just have to click on the red button whenever you are ready to record.
  5. Once you have completed the recording. Hit the red button again to stop the video.
  6. Now just go to the file menu and click on save or you can use Cmd+ S.
  7. You will have to give a name to the file and choose your desired location.

Tada !! Your video is recorded and saved successfully.

The video is saved in .mov file format. However, you can choose and convert the video format later. The recorded video is compatible with almost every device.

There are many other ways to record video. But this method is the fastest. We have compiled every few more alternative methods to record a video on mac.

What Else Can Quick Time Player Do?

Apart from recording a video, You can do a lot on QuickTime player. Read Ahead to know.

1. Broadcast live video: You can use QuickTime player broadcaster to create an online live event. It is quite easy and faster way to broadcast your live video on the internet.

2. Upload QuickTime video to Vimeo/YouTube/Facebook: You can upload your Quicktime video on Youtube/Vimeo/facebook

3. Compress Quicktime Videos: Yes you don’t need to find a video compressor for your videos. In Quicktime player, you can compress videos.

4. Shows Audio Track: If you are editing video on Quicktime then you can see the audio tracks to improve the audio quality of your video.

5. Record Quick Time Screen: You can record your MacBook screen or You phone using quick time player.

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Record a Video on Mac Using iMovie

Don’t want to use QuickTime Player?

Want to try something new? Then you should go for iMovie.

Yes, You can do video recording on a Mac using iMovie also.

Check out this video to learn how to video record on Macbook using Photobooth and iMovie.

iMovie is one of the coolest video editing and recording software. Yes, you can record and edit video with iMovie. You can record the video using the inbuilt MacBook facetime HD camera. iMovie is already installed on your Macbook. You just have to search it on the spotlight and it will open up.

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